Niigata University of Pharmacy and Applied Life Sciences

Faculty of Applied Life Sciences

Functional and Analytical Food Sciences

Prof. Shinji SATO, Ph.D.
We develop and evaluate the function of functional foods that offer advantages in the prevention of metabolic syndrome.

Functional Food Chemistry

Prof. Hitoshi MATSUMOTO, Ph.D.
Assist. Prof. Yuri NOMI, Ph.D.
Our research target is developing new functional food to contribute for human health. Current research activities: structure and function of physiologically active food constituents such as plant polyphenolics, oligosaccharide and other food components to evaluate their antioxidant activity, anti-obesity, anti-diabetic, anti-inflammation and anti-carcinogenesis.

Food Safety

Prof. Shinji SATO, Ph.D.
Assoc. Prof. Soichiro NISHIYAMA, Ph.D.
We study the safe methods of supplying foods such as prevention of food poisoning and development of disinfecting methods.

Food and Fermentation Technologies

Prof. Toru SHIGEMATSU, Ph.D.
Assoc. Prof. Akinori IGUCHI, Ph.D.
Based on researches concerning high-pressure and microbial application, we are developing environmentally-sustainable technologies for food processing and fermentation.

Food and Crop Resources Utilization

Prof. Ken-ichi OHTSUBO, Ph.D.
Assoc. Prof. Sumiko NAKAMURA, Ph.D.
We research rice, barley, buckwheat, etc. for quality evaluation that we use them by utilizing biological, chemical and physical methods for crop resources. In addition, we research in them on utilization characteristics.

Applied Microbiology and Genetic Engineering

Prof. Hiroaki TAKAKU, Ph.D.
Assist. Prof. Harutake YAMAZAKI, Ph.D.
"Save the Earth with Microorganism"
We are developing from microorganisms environmentally friendly technologies to make food, cosmetics, industrial raw materials from inedible biomass.

Animal Cell Engineering

Prof. Shinichi ICHIKAWA , Ph.D.
We define the alteration of animal cellular genes that cause life phenomena and study their application.

Plant Biotechnology

Prof. Shinichi ICHIKAWA, Ph.D.
Assoc. Prof. Jotaro AII, Ph.D.
Assist. Ayana NAKANO
We build the research base for plant genome breeding for the effective use of plant genetic resources through genomics.

Enzyme Engineering

Prof. Hiroaki TAKAKU, Ph.D.
We study function of proteins in food and microbes with various methods including kinetic analysis and X-ray crystallographic analysis of their three-dimensional structure.

Environmental Organic Chemistry

Prof. Yutaka NAKAMURA, Ph.D.
Assist. Prof. Masaru KOJIMA, Ph.D.
We study the speedy and efficient chemical synthesis of plants and marine life-derived bioactive compounds.

Biomolecular Chemistry

Prof.Yutaka NAKAMURA, Ph.D.
Assoc. Prof. Tatsuo MIYAZAKI, Ph.D.
Assist. Prof. Nobuhisa ISAKA, Ph.D.
We study the workings of various bioactive molecules and proteins with olfaction, taste and pain.
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The targets for our studies are bioactive molecules and their receptor proteins concerning odor, taste and pain.

Environmental Engineering

Prof. Yutaka NAKAMURA, Ph.D.
Assoc. Prof. Tomohiro KOSE, Ph.D.
Assist. Prof.Masaki OHNO, Ph.D.
We aim for the improvement and conservation of the environment through the study of the dynamics of chemicals and their safe management based on chemistry and engineering.

Science Education

Prof. Satoshi MURAKAMI, Ph.D.
We study the relationship of the concept, lecture method and nature experience for science education.
In addition, we research how to teach and develop skills to explore scientifically.

Laboratory of Pedagogy

Prof. Tetsuro KIMURA
With junior high and high schools in mind, we conduct practical studies of the contents and methods of education that cultivate rich citizenhood.

Division of English Language Teaching

Prof. Ayumi TAKAHASHI, Ph.D.
We study the factors (anxieties, motivation and ambiguity tolerance that accompany learning) that are inherent in learners, which are thought to influence the learning of English.


Prof. Satoshi MURAKAMI, Ph.D.
Lecturer Yukifumi KONAGAYA, Ph.D.
We study biology education. It is education technique, experiments, field work and specialist knowledge.


Prof. Yoshifusa ARAI, Ph.D.
We study new earth-friendly solid phase and crystal phase reaction, and the isolation of useful substances from the natural world and their usage.

Research Activities

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