Niigata University of Pharmacy and Applied Life Sciences


Principle of Niigata University of Pharmacy and Applied Life Sciences

Based on the dignity of life and through education/research of pharmacy and life science, we will nurture promising human resources who have a high degree of professionalism and rich humanity that contribute to health enhancement, environmental conservation, international exchange and community evolution, and produce research results that are beneficial for social progress and cultural enhancement.


Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences

We aim to cultivate "pharmacists working at the center of community healthcare" who are equipped with knowledge and humanity appropriate for healthcare professionals through the study of ethics and problem solving abilities required in medical practice, as well as advanced knowledge of the relationship between the properties of chemical substances and life, illness and drug therapy.

Faculty of Applied Life Sciences

Based on "life sciences" learned from the world filled with nature and human life, we aim to nurture

  1. Human resources that would support activities that protect and develop our rich natural environment.
  2. Human resources with knowledge of new sciences and technologies such as bioscience who would play active roles in the fields of food and environment.


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