Niigata University of Pharmacy and Applied Life Sciences

Education and Research Facilities

Center for Continuous Professional Development

In addition to having the role as the "drug specialist", pharmacists today are strongly required to actively participate in patient-participating healthcare as members of "team healthcare" where they work in partnership with doctors and nurses.
Our university was the first in the nation to establish the "Center for Continuous Professional Development" in 2005 for the purpose of bridging the gap between six-year and four-year education and are implementing various efforts so that the center can be utilized by local pharmacists as a place for brainstorming.

Liaison Center for R&D Promotion

The center was established for the purpose of linking together the needs of society and our university's seeds for a wider contribution to regional industries. We hope you will utilize our university as corporate adviser for the development of medicines, health foods and supplements, evaluation of functions and bioscience-related technology.

Educational Cooperation Promotion Center

The center was established to make contributions to the progress of our university's education and society through the control and promotion of collaborative educational activities between our university, local community and educational institutions.

  • Main activities
  • Educational cooperation with secondary schools such as junior high schools and high schools.
  • Educational cooperation with higher education institutions such as universities.
  • Educational cooperation with society.

Research Activities

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