Niigata University of Pharmacy and Applied Life Sciences

Faculty of Pharmacy

Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Prof. Takumichi SUGIHARA, Ph.D.
We conduct studies to explore the new principles of organic and inorganic chemistry on the theme "create new drugs in a super efficient manner" and to understand drugs that work on the human body.


Prof. Masaaki SHIBUYA, Ph.D.
We study the function of enzymes that catalyze the biosynthetic reactions of active ingredients produced by medicinal plants by incorporating organic chemical, biochemical and molecular biological methods.

Bio-analytical Chemistry

Assoc. Prof. Saori NAKAGAWA, Ph.D.
Our studies to development high sensitive and selective determination methods for bio-markers, and apply to patients plasma and for the evaluation to find a new mechanism of polyphenols.

Physical Chemistry

Prof. Kennosuke HOSHINA, Ph.D.
Assist. Prof. Tatsuro SHIROTA, Ph.D.
Our research interests are investigation of novel photo-induced chemical reactions and their application to analytical techniques by using lasers and computational chemistry.


Prof. Takahiro KUBOTA, Ph.D.
Assist. Prof. Yutaro MOTOI, Ph.D.
For Individual Differences of Drug Susceptibility
1. Search for genetic polymorphism
2. Affect susceptibility by gene mutation
3. Development of reagents capable of detecting genetic differences conveniently and rapidly and clinical application

Functional Morphology

Prof. Kikuji YAMASHITA Ph.D.
Assoc.Prof.Takeo IWATA Ph.D.
We study the mechanisms of developing calcinosis and cancer treatment by new tumor suppressor genes, and the development research of anatomical models for the education of functional morphology in pharmacy.


Prof. Akihiko KOMURO, Ph.D.
Assoc. Prof. Masahiko MIYAMOTO, Ph.D.
Research in the Komuro laboratory focuses on innate immunity underlying recognition of viral RNAs and functional interaction between type-I interferon signaling and RNA interference (RNAi) in mammalian cells. We also investigate protein-based anti-fungal drugs.

Department of Pharmacology

Prof. Takehiko MAEDA, Ph.D.
Assoc. Prof. Kohichi KAWAHARA, Ph.D.
Assist. Takuya HASEGAWA, Ph.D.
We study the morphogenesis of chronic pain by focusing on the inflammatory agents (green) that are generated by the interaction between immune cells (red) and adipose cells (blue).

Hygienic chemistry

Prof. Toshiyuki SAKAMAKI, Ph.D.
Assoc. Prof. Eriko TOMITSUKA, Ph.D.
Assist. Prof. Koji SATO, Ph.D.
We study the genes and substances that fundamentally contribute to pathogenesis based on pharmaceutical knowledge with an aim to clarify the detailed pathogenic mechanisms of adult-onset diseases with a focus on cancer.


Assoc. Prof. Masahiro FUKUHARA, Ph.D.
Assoc. Prof. Toshio YAMAGUCHI, Ph.D.
We explore the function of proteins that play an important role in the mechanism that maintain the homeostasis of the ionic environment of cells and analyze them using microbes as research materials.

Clinical Pharmacotherapy

Assoc.Prof. Junkichi KANDA
We conduct basic studies and make clinical application of highly safe and effective timed drug therapy for bone disorders and digestive system cancers.


Sadao AOKI, Doctor of Medicine
Assist. Prof. Takayoshi UCHIYAMA, Ph.D.
We research the clinical and singular condition, diagnostic methods and development treatments primarily for blood diseasesy.


Prof. Masanobu HONDA, Ph.D.
This department studies the infinite dimensional Lie algebra, which developed from the latter half of the 20th century as the research subject of pure algebra, and the infinite group theory, which serves as its base.

Research Activities

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