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To acquire deeper pharmacological and medical knowledge


The graduate school of pharmaceutical science aims to cultivate individuals who possess a broad perspective on pharmaceuticals and can play a central role in promoting the health and welfare of humanity. In the doctoral program, research activities take precedence, encompassing information gathering on trends in their specialized field of study, formulation and execution of research plans, analysis and contemplation of experimental results, discussions with supervising professors and experts in related fields, and furthermore, the process of presenting research findings as papers in academic conferences and professional journals. Through this process, they develop problem-solving skills, communication skills, and presentation skills to an advanced level, fostering individuals who can excel as independent researchers.
Moreover, in order to acquire cutting-edge knowledge in a wide range of pharmaceutical fields, the school offers comprehensive pharmaceutical seminars where researchers engaged in state-of-the-art studies from outside the university are invited to share their research.


List of Research Areas/Fields Accepting Applications for Doctoral Degrees at the Graduate School of Pharmacy at the Niigata University of Pharmacy and Medical and Life Sciences
Some details may be subject to change

Pharmacy education

Field Research Laboratory Supervising Professor Research Overview
Job Title/Degree Name
Pharmaceutical Chemistry Pharmaceutical chemistry Professor, Doctor of Pharmacy Takumichi Sugihara We study the development of highly efficient molecular transformation reactions and novel gas immobilization reactions applicable in drug synthesis, and research drug synthesis based on new concepts.
Physical Chemistry Physical chemistry in pharmaceutics Professor, Doctor (Science) Kennosuke Hoshina We investigate the mechanisms of novel chemical reactions based on photophysical chemistry and quantum chemical calculations, evaluating the effect of physical stimuli in a broad sense on physical properties of pharmaceuticals and the reactions of a living body, in addition to applied research into analytical methods.

Medical pharmacy

Field Research Laboratory Supervising Professor Research Overview
Job Title/Degree Name
Pharmacology    Functional Morphology Associate Professor, Doctor (Science) Takeo Iwata We study the mechanism of pathogenesis in endocrine and  metabolic diseases, and related complications.
Pharmacognosy Professor, Doctor (Pharmacy) Takehiko Maeda We perform basic research analyzing the medicinal action in opioid analgesics and other drugs used to treat chronic pain, conduct exploratory research for new mechanisms of action and new drugs to treat chronic pain, and to establish new pain treatments that avoid adverse drug reactions.
Pathophysiology Biochemistry Professor, Doctor (Pharmacy) Akihiko Komuro We perform basic research in an aim to uncover the molecular mechanisms of action in natural antiviral immunity, and the interaction between viruses and host factors.
Microbiology Associate Professor, Doctor (Pharmacy)
Associate Professor, Doctor (Science)
Masahiro Fukuhara
Toshio Yamaguchi
We study bacterial growth in various environmental conditions, and perform a genetic analysis of drug resistant clinical isolates.
Health sciences Hygienic chemistry Professor, Doctor (Pharmacy)
Associate Professor, Doctor (Pharmacy), Doctor (Health Sciences)
Toshiyuki Sakamaki
Eriko Tomitsuka
We perform analysis of molecular biological characterization in cancer cell growth and metastasis control.

Clinical pharmacotherapy

Field Research Laboratory Supervising Professor Research Overview
Job Title/Degree Name
Clinical pharmacy Analytical pharmaceutical chemistry Professor, Doctor (Pharmacy) Kohichi Kawahara We perform analytical chemical research on ligand-receptor interactions and study subspecies of microglia.
Clinical pharmacokinetics Biopharmaceutics Professor, Doctor (Pharmacy) Takahiro Kubota We conduct exploratory research for mutant genes causing changes in drug sensitivity among individuals, and analyze the impact these genes have on the phenotype. We also work on the development of reagents capable of detecting genetic differences simply and quickly for use in clinical applications.
Clinical pharmacotherapy Clinical pharmacotherapy Associate Professor, Doctor (Pharmacy) Junkichi Kanda We conduct basic research into clarifying the condition of metabolic bone diseases and drug therapy that accounts for chronopharmacology.
Clinical pharmaceutics  Clinical pharmacy Professor, Doctor (Pharmacy)
Professor, Doctor (Medicine)
Professor, Doctor (Pharmacy)
Associate Professor,Doctor (Medicine)
Toshinari Asakura
Shigeaki Sakazume*1
Mikio Saito
Daisuke Nagano
We conduct research into the appropriate use of antidiabetic drugs and devices, and the development of drugs and therapeutic aids aimed at improving the patient’s QOL. We conduct research into the application of drug use evaluations in formularies. We conduct clinical analysis into drug hypersensitivity and other adverse reactions, and risk factors for avoiding or alleviating the occurrence of adverse drug reactions.

Professors with a “*1” mark are due to reach retirement age in March 2026.


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