Niigata University of Pharmacy and Medical and Life Sciences

Faculty of Applied Life Sciences

The Knowledge from the Whole Concept of Life That We Can Use in Our Livelihood

Living things have adjusted themselves to versatile environment on the earth and have prepared various morphologies and functions. This diversity itself is a big challenge for the applied life science. The applied life science is an academic discipline to understand versatile functions and information or mechanisms of living things nurturing lives, to learn the knowledge of the whole concept of animals and plants, and to utilize the knowledge in our livelihood while encouraging the harmonization with us and the nature around us.

The Education to Clear Away the Walls between Traditional Academic Disciplines and to Apprehend Life Broadly

Human beings are running into various problems including environmental pollution, energy problem, and food problem, many of which are involved in life from pretty wide variety of angles. We think that the knowledge of "applied life science," which apprehend life broadly and apply the knowledge for the sake of human welfare by clearing away the walls between traditional academic disciplines such as agriculture, engineering, and science, will be important for human beings to live healthy and maintain prosperity. Our Faculty of Applied Life Sciences offers the best faculty system and curriculum to gain an understanding of these ideas.

A-Year-and-a-Half Graduation thesis "Human Resources Who Contribute to Society"

We think that the graduation thesis, through which students can experience the world's most advanced research, is the best educational tool for them to grow dramatically in all aspects. Through this graduation thesis performed from late third year, students can develop the ability to think and act for themselves, completely dissimilar to absorbing knowledge passively from lectures; develop scientific thinking and the ability to find and solve a problem; and grow scheduled lifestyle habit from the bottom up. These experiences strongly support the growth to "human resources who contribute to society."

Stage for Graduates that Keeps Reaching Out

Out Faculty of Applied Life Sciences prides itself on high employment rate of 92.3%. Place of employment ranges widely including food, biotechnology, and environmental areas. Furthermore, about 25% of graduates go on to graduate schools. The education continuance rate is 100% and the schools admitted are graduate schools of national universities including the University of Tokyo as well as our graduate school.


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