Niigata University of Pharmacy and Medical and Life Sciences

Faculty of Pharmacy

Pharmacy is the Science Which Targets at All Fields Related to Life Science.

Most of you might imagine that "pharmacy" equals to "a drug".
However, "pharmacy" does not handle only "a drug". "Pharmacy" is the science which targets at our bodies and all chemicals involving our lives, including from food with health-promoting benefits, food additives, cosmetics, and detergents around us to natural poisons and environmental pollutants.

Our Faculty of Pharmacy Is Nurturing Pharmacists Who Are Medical Providers With State-of-the-Art Knowledge and High Ethical Standards Based on Basic Research.

A "pharmacist" is not only a "drug professional" but also a "medical provider" who renders a service for the sake of patient's smile and is close to a patient. In our Faculty of Pharmacy, students learn areas of expertise including drug discovery science for discovering a drug, life science for elucidating action of a drug and function of our body, and hygiene pharmacy about maintaining human health. They also receive education to develop qualification necessary to become a "drug professional," gaining an understanding of state-of-the-art knowledge and ability to think logically through basic research.
In addition, students receive education of clinical pharmacy necessary to become a "member of a medical team," such as check of prescription/side effect and collection/provision of information about a drug. They also receive various educations to become a "pharmacist" who gives patient's health first priority and become a "good adviser."

To Nurture Pharmacists Who Have More Advanced Function

Amazing progression of scientific technology based on basic research is changing the various statuses around a drug and health care every second on a daily basis. In order to keep pace with the very fast-paced changes of the world, the education of a university is not adequate, but we need to keep studying after graduation and going out into the world and review/collect the latest information.
We are organizing "postgraduate education course of lectures" for "pharmacists," who are actively participating in the front line of society, every month by inviting doctors, pharmacists, and research associates of pharmaceutical companies engaging on the latest health care. We also support research and education of the "pharmacists" who play an active role in the society by setting up a "course for working people" in the Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Research and the "Center for Continuos Professional Development."
We are devoting all our energy to nurturing a "pharmacist" requested from modern society as well as a "pharmacist" who can become a leader of medical society in the near future.


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