Niigata University of Pharmacy and Medical and Life Sciences

Faculty of Medical Technology

We learn knowledge and skills that can respond to advancing medical care.

Clinical testing is a fundamental field in medicine that provides objective information about diseases. Treatment is carried out based on the estimation of the causes of illnesses and reasons for physical and mental discomfort through appropriate examinations. Therefore, accurately selecting necessary tests and promptly and accurately providing results are the mission of clinical laboratory technicians, and it is a role to be played in team medicine. In our department, we cultivate clinical laboratory technicians with a new perspective who have a sense of awareness and responsibility as healthcare professionals. Clinical laboratory medicine is not a theoretical study but a practical one. With experienced faculty in clinical practice and instructors with advanced technology, we will implement an educational program where students can acquire knowledge and skills as clinical laboratory technicians while valuing communication with students.

Dean of the Faculty of Medical Technology,
Sadao Aoki MD, PhD



Hematology Division Prof.Sadao AOKI, MD, PhD
Lecturer Takayoshi UCHIYAMA,PhD.
Assist.Prof.Miho OHTA
Division of Natural Products Pharmacology Prof.Takashi ICHIYANAGI,PhD.
Lecturer Masayuki ITO, PhD.
Assist.Prof.Takahiro YUMOTO
Division of DNA Repair & Genome Integrity Prof.Mineaki SEKI,PhD.
Circulatory Physiology Division
Division of Clinical Infectious Diseases Prof.Masami TSUGITA,PhD.
Division of Bio-Analytical Chemistry Prof.Saori NAKAGAWA,PhD.
RNA Therapeutics Division Prof.Masayuki NASHIMOTO,PhD.
Assist.Prof.Masayuki TAKAHASHI,PhD.
Division of Global Environment Parasitology Prof.Marcello.O.Sato,PhD.
Division of Anatomy and Histology Prof.Kikuji YAMASHITA,PhD.
Lecturer Akina CHIBA,PhD.
Tumor Biology Division  
Division of Sports Medicine Assoc.Prof.Yasuko YOSHIDA,PhD.


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