Niigata University of Pharmacy and Medical and Life Sciences

Faculty of Nursing

We teach nurses in the making who can support the health and the living of people.

With the establishment of a comprehensive community care system, the places where people are cured of their illnesses are shifting from medical institutions to their homes. The purposes of nursing are to maintain and promote the health of people, prevent illnesses, and provide quality care for sick people so that it will alleviate their physical suffering and emotional distress. Taking advantage of being a university with plural paramedical faculties, Faculty of Nursing aims to produce professionals who can provide high quality nursing care. Our curriculum is designed to produce professionals who can contribute to the development of nursing care. If you aspire to help others maintaining their health or recovering from illnesses, if you hope to learn nursing scientifically, or if you are interested in nursing and the health of people, please come to our faculty. We look forward to welcoming you.

Professor Mieko Sadakata
Dean of the Faculty of Nursing


Teaching Staff

Fundamental Nursing Prof.Hajime TODA
Assoc. Prof.Hisako KAWASAKI
Community Health and Home Care Nursing Prof.Utako KOYAMA
Adult Nursing Prof.Junko KOCHI
Maternal Nursing Prof.Mieko SADAKATA.
Assist. Prof.Maki MOROHASHI


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