Niigata University of Pharmacy and Applied Life Sciences

Greetings by the Dean of the Faculty of Applied Life Sciences

Through research and education, we cultivate human resources who can find good career paths in the future through practical skills.

  In April last year, we established the Faculty of Life Industry Creation. From this year, "Niitsu Station East Campus-Niitsu Machinaka Campus," which is adjacent to JR Niitsu Station, will be completed and operations will commence. Approximately 200 first and second year students of the Faculties of Applied Life Sciences and Life Industry Creation are currently attending this new campus.

  With the cooperation of local companies and shopping areas, the Faculty of Life Industry Creation has implemented a curriculum focusing on fieldwork and cultivates expertise and business skills through three units (Food Business Unit, Agricultural Environment Business Unit, and Regional Revitalization Unit) in order to foster future producers who can play an active part in the fields of food, agriculture, and environment.

  Applied Life Science Department is comprised of the following four courses: "Bioengineering," "Environmental Science," "Food Science," and "Science Education." We have introduced a "Seamless Education" program that seamlessly combines basic and applied knowledge and are constructing an educational system that facilitates the transition to graduation research. Last year, the first year students of the Science Education Course had a very high active pass rate (5 out of 13) on the teacher recruitment examination. Furthermore, from this year, we will establish a laboratory-crossing research unit and conduct more practical education and research. Niigata Prefecture is one of the leading agricultural prefectures in Japan and is also a mecca for brewing and fermentation. The Faculty will establish a grain research unit and a fermentation brewery research unit, fuse new technologies with traditional techniques, and strive to develop and research more value-added technologies and materials.

  The Department of Applied Life Sciences welcomes the efforts of all persons who wish to learn advanced expert knowledge and practical skills and contribute to society.

Toru Shigematsu
Dean of Faculty of Applied Life Sciences


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